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Translation Variants

Translation is not an exact science, and different teachers may prefer different names for grammatical concepts or even different translations of particular foreign words. In order to address this problem, Bible OL has the concept of “Variants”. A variant is a separate collection of translations of terms and words into a particular language. For example, some teachers may prefer the term “aspect” rather than “tense” for Greek verbs, therefore it is possible to have a variant with each of these terms.

In the menu Variant you can select the translation variant you prefer. If you are a student, your teacher may have told you which variant to use. In most situations using the default “Main version” is appropriate. Once you have chosen a variant, you may notice that certain terms and translations in Bible OL changes.

Adding or deleting variants in the system requires direct action by a Bible OL developer. It is easily done, but it cannot be done through the web pages.