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Required Skills

Andrews University requires from OTST552 students that the following material must be covered

  • The entire content of Page Kelley (chapter I – XXXI)
  • All vocab with an occurrence of 100 and higher
  • Basic syntax skills. 

Required Materials

  1. Page Kelley or any equivalent book that covers at least the same content as Page Kelley does.
    => Kelley, Page H., and Timothy G. Crawford. Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar. Second edition. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 2018.
    => Merwe, Christo H. van der, and Jacobus A. Naudé. A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar: Second Edition. 2 edition. London, Oxford, New York: T&T Clark, 2017. (used by Roy Gane, Oliver Glanz)
  2. Vocab Builder:
    The department requires the new Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Builder (to be soon published by AUP).
    => Oliver Glanz, and Tsegaw, Melak. Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Builder: Analog and Digital, Alphabetic, and Illustrative, arranged by Frequency and Semantic Categories. Berrien Springs: Andrews University Press, 2024 (in process).
    A simple pdf version of this Hebrew vocab builder will be shared with all Hebrew instructors before the beginning of the semester. For Hebrew instructors at our partner schools, please contact otst[AT] to receive your PDF copy for you and your class.
  3. Comprehensive Paradigm selection. The department approves and recommends the following:
    => Glanz, Oliver. Biblical Hebrew Reviewer: A Universal Study Companion. Berrien Springs: Andrews University Press, 2018.
  4. Syntax Defintion Document:
    Download the Syntax Defintion Document here. All definitions are to be mastered and assumed in the exam.

The Exam for OTST552 students

The BibleOL-based Hebrew Final Exam is provided by the OT department and contains the following four elements:

  • Vocabulary: Students will be asked 20 words. Students need to provide glosses they have learned as part of their vocab training. Students must use the AUP based vocab builder to make sure their learned glosses match the ones in the BibleOL (a simple pdf version will be provided until AUP has not published the vocab builder).
  • Verbal Morphology: Students must answer 20 verbal forms (covering all tenses, all stems, all verbal classes, suffixed and non-suffixed)
  • Phrase analysis: Students must translate 10 clauses by identifying the phrase function of the different phrases in simple sentences. BibleOL will provide the meaning of unknown words if they do appear.
  • Clause relation analysis: Student must translate ~5 sentences by identifying clause relations (independent vs. dependent clause [relative clause, object clause)

Students get access to each BibleOL based exercise that will be used in the final exam. Access will be given to them from the moment they enroll into the Hebrew course. Consequently, students can exercise with these materials and get a realistic sense of the final exam before the actual exam day. If a student’s performance is on a top level when doing the exercises, the student will know that she or he will perform well in the final new. No surprises should be expected. This is because the data pool for the exam-prep exercises are identical to the actual exam.

The table below provides access to each ot the four parts of the exam. Each exam part is hyperlinked so that students can get started with exam preparations.


Vocabulary Verbal Morphology Phrase analysis Clause relation analysis

Bible OL

Bible OL

Bible OL

Bible OL


How to take the Final Exam?

If you are presently enrolled in a Hebrew II (OTST552) class you must take the following steps to get access to the Final Exam:

  1. In the Bible OL enroll into the class with the name “AU OTST552 (Hebrew II) Final Exam”.

    Bible OL

    The following video shows how you can enroll in classes:

  2. Once you have enrolled you can see the Final Exam show up under “Exams”. The following video shows how you can find and take exams on the Bible OL:

  3. When you are finished taking your exam you can lookup your exam results instantly. The OT department will inform your instructor within a few days about your official final exam grade.