Gloss links

Bible Online Learner allows system administrators to add URLs to individual Hebrew or Aramaic lexemes. Each URL can be associated with an icon. The user may see these links by selecting Word > Lexeme > link in “MyView”, or by hovering the mouse over a word, or by clicking a word. For example, Genesis 1:1-2 may be displayed thus:

Bible OL

The icons below some of the words are hyperlinks. If users click on them, they will be taken to a website that, hopefully, provides additional information about that lexeme.

In order to change or add these gloss links you need Sysadmin privileges on the system. If you have that, selecting the Administrator > Gloss link menu will take you to a page where you can edit the links. It looks like this:

Bible OL

This figure above shows the start of the overview of Hebrew words. Further down the page you will find Aramaic. You can choose to view the words by frequency or alphabetically. If, for example, you click the button labelled “1-300”, you will see a list of the 300 most common Hebrew words. Alternatively, you can look up the word alphabetically.

Once you have click a button for the word range you wish to see, you will be taken to a web page that looks similar to this one:

Bible OL

Above this table, you will find buttons for selecting other word ranges.

The table contains five columns:

  • Lexeme is the lexeme that you wish to associate with a URL.
  • English is the English translation of that lexeme.
  • Icon shows the icon(s) currently associated with that lexeme. Each icon will be a hyperlink. A maximum of three hyperlinks can be associated with a lexeme.
  • Link contains the word “Link” which you can click to check that you have entered the URL correctly.
  • Operations contains buttons that allow you to add, delete, or modify links.